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Unreal Tournament 1999

General Info


First Map: BT-Easy-Peasy


Longest Build: BT-Uprising (few months)


Quickest Build: BT-Irri-tated


Favourite projects: BT-KranK & BT-Mordor


Mappers I look up to: Hourences, NuLL, Nix,

Drunklove, Roel-R

Novice Bunny , Krool


Unreal Editor 2.0 - Completed projects


14 june 2014

Release: BT-Sirrington

Medieval Themed BT map aimed at people starting BT & Rushers

* Small but sweet

* Try Beat 50 seconds :)





11 feb 2014

FIX: BT-Aklabash_V2

Fixed version of BT-Aklabash

* spawning issues

* some BSP errors

* Edited a room in hight


Fix by Roel-R (mmi)






13 july 2011

Release: NWBT-Mordor

Hop around in this prehistoric cavern.

Open the tower of Mordor, get your flag to the

village in the woods. Just don't get bit.

Thanks to: Bloeb, Nix, IsoToxin, Uarchitect,

Safecracker, Struppi & Yousmell




12 april 2011

Release: NWBT-KranK

It's like a Bunnytrack Track. But with normal

weapons. This map is full of new tricks.

Go explore..


Thanks to Bloeb (author of NWBT Mod)




27 may 2009

Release: BT-Mousakka

Small Fantasy themed map with a scent of jungle.

Easy map intended for rushing.






16 april 2008

Release: BT-Uprising

Jungle themed map. Challenging to cap.

The spawnroom is from DM-ArcaneTemple.



Thanks to: Kijiro & Julian "eXeptOne" Eekels


8 march 2008

Release: BT-Bonket

Just a small rushmap in the honor of

an insane rusher named Bonket.




25 october 2007

Release: BT-RushMania[I4G]

Another small map built to rush.

Can't dig it? Battle your foes in the arena.




25 march 2007

Release: BT-Junction

Fast paced map in a space station.

FIX: 10 april 2014 - Irridium77

- Bouncer fix

- Small improvements



6 march 2007

Release: BT-Jesse(v2)

Made for the loss of jesse,

son of i4games member Yasmin.

I wish you the best luck you can get to come trough

this painfull time you are having now.




1 march 2007

Release: BT-irri-tated(v2)

Well this is an interesting creation...



Turn your bass up.. and listen to the inmap music.

Tear Time - Cannibal Cooking Club




7 february 2007

Release: BT-Encrypted-vF

Watch your step.

Death is lurking behind every corner in this trap filled map.






28 january 2007

Release: BT-Nane

Warning: Early work.

Named the map after my sister.






6 may 2006

Release: BT+JungleJumping

Keymap. Collect and find all keys to cap!

Simple jungle map, Fun to play.



Thanks to: CouilleNoire



20 april 2006

Release: BT+EasyPeasy-v3b

My very first map...




Thanks to: CouilleNoire

for helping me out with ... Everything!




Haah, Unreal Tournament 1999.

For some of us, the first game ever played ( Me )

To others simply the best game in the UT series.

And to even other people : A hefty addictive shooter with

easy multiplayer support and a free Game Builder Tool..


Wait what? Free Game Builder Tool? Unrealed2.0?

The opening for my creativity valve.. And my start for

creating game content.


In the list Below you will find most of the maps I have built

Feel free to play them or Upload them to your server.