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Welcome to seventyseven!




My name is Thomas, I live in Belgium. And i'm a Networking and Game Development enthousiast. I started mapping and hosting for UT99 late 2007. Since then i've had a blast creating with the Unreal Engine 2. When I was scratching the surface of UDK back in 2014, Epic Games released their Unreal Engine 4 to the public. I hopped on the train, Started experimenting with it and decided to record my journey about learning UE4 and 3D Studio Max.


The networking story is a whole different one actually. I started Cisco CCNA in 2014 and i'm learning this field gradually. I enjoy Hosting and tinkering with Linux strangely enough.


This website serves as repository where my bunnytrack maps for Unreal Tournament 99 reside, You can go there by selecting "UT99 Maps" under the "Other" category in the Menubar.


There is also a blog i try to maintain, mostly for the cleaner way of archiving/managing updates & content in a better way than this website can.

Occasionally I post some screenshots there of all that keeps me busy, UT4 Levels, 3D Modeling, Texturing, etc ... Linux and Networking will eventually also be addressed.


Besides the blog there is the Gallery where you can take a look at screenshots and pictures of my 3D adventures so far.